Vol. 3 No. 3 (2013): Vol 3, Iss 3, Year 2013

Stress among students — a descriptive study

Poonam Arora
Assistant Professor, Amity Global Business school, Ahmedabad, India
Published December 30, 2013
  • Stress quotient; Stress stimulants; peer pressure; stress factors; parental expectations.
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Arora, P. (2013). Stress among students — a descriptive study. Journal of Management and Science, 3(3), 462-469. https://doi.org/10.26524/jms.2013.51


Technology advancements have always helped to constantly multitask and take more and more work and targets due to which people are under stern time pressures and are constantly moving which leads to stress. Increasing number of people seems to be overcharged and overburdened. People are finding it difficult to keep up their energy levels up and live a normal, peaceful life; instead most of their useful time gets wasted in coping from stress.This paper focuses on finding the stress level of management students who are working under immense pressure by meeting day to day deadlines, studying a number of subjects at a time, doing to many assignments and submitting the term projects on deadlines. Apart from fulfilling their course requirement, students also have to deal with different other pressures and fulfill their parent‟s expectations. This study is done with the objective of discovering the causes of stress in the lives of students, the effects of stress, identifying the various variables associated with it and establishing definite relationships between these variables. The study also tries to identify the prominent underlying variables responsible for causing stress. For this a comprehensive survey via an online questionnaire has been conducted. This paper uses a descriptive methodology and focuses to find the effect of different causes on the stress levels and hence is an insight into the behavioral patterns of students when they experience the same.


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