Vol. 2 No. 1 (2012): Vol 2, Iss 1, Year 2012

On the volatility of sensex

Nateson C
Professor, Jansons School of Business,Kaurmathampatti,Coimbatore,India.
Suganya D
Assistant Professor,SNT GAMSAT, Madukkarai,Coimbatore,India
Published June 30, 2012
  • Unit Root Test, Box-Ljung Statistics, Kurtosis, Box-pierceQ statistics.
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C, N., & D, S. (2012). On the volatility of sensex. Journal of Management and Science, 2(1), 10-22. https://doi.org/10.26524/jms.2012.2


The present study seeks to analyse Volatility of popular stock index SENSEX. The present study is based on the closing time series data of SENSEX covering the period from 3rd January 2000, to 30th June 2011. The year 2008 has recorded higher Volatility compared to the other years of the study. Volatility fell in the year 2009 from the high of 2008. The years after were comparatively calmer. In the year 2000, the Volatility was higher signifying enhance market activity. The overall daily Volatility for SENSEX was approximately 1.70 % while the annualized value was approximately 25%-26%. Events Reported around Daily Returns in Excess of +/-5%
have also been identified.


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