Vol. 6 No. 3 (2016): vol 6, Iss 3, 2016

Information technology and knowledge management to improve theindian agribusinesssupply chain

Sagunthala C
Assistant Professor - MBA - Karpagam University, Coimbatore
Sukesh R
II year MBA – Karpagam University
Published December 31, 2016
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C, S., & R, S. (2016). Information technology and knowledge management to improve theindian agribusinesssupply chain. Journal of Management and Science, 6(3), 295-300. https://doi.org/10.26524/jms.2016.29


Indian agriculture is a complex enterprise involving millions of small and marginal farmers. Agriculture in India is the most important sector for food security and socio-economic development. Agriculture accounted for about 18 per cent of the GDP and employed about 50% of the country’s population. As agriculture has become more complex, farmers’ access to reliable, timely, and relevant information has become increasingly important. Farmers require access to more varied, multisource and context-specific information, related not only to best practices and technologies for crop production and weather, but also to information about post-harvest aspects, including processing, marketing, storage, and handling. An effective agricultural knowledge management system with effective Information Technologycan trigger continuous innovations in overall development of agriculture. Information Technology can revolutionize Indian farming sector and can benefit all farmers, including small land holders, marginalized and poor farmers.This article attempts to express the current status ofthe infrastructure with respect to the use of information technology in agriculture and study the importance of knowledge management and information technology in agricultural infrastructure on agriculturesupply chain.


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