Vol. 12 No. 3 (2022): Vol 12, Iss 3, Year 2022

Ethics in global business

Hamid Saremi
Department of Industrial Engineering, Asrar Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran.
Pedram Saremi
McMaster University Continuing Education, Hamilton, Canada.
Published September 30, 2022
  • Ethics, business, Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Global business.
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Hamid Saremi, & Pedram Saremi. (2022). Ethics in global business. Journal of Management and Science, 12(3), 86-93. Retrieved from https://jms.eleyon.org/index.php/jms/article/view/583


Man wants success, since the success of a person in personal, professional, and social life depends on his patterns of communication behavior, the correction of these patterns also plays an essential role in achieving success.Success is achieved in the light of man's right and easy connection with himself and others; Because people are constantly interacting with themselves and others. Man is a social being and today, with the amazing development of societies, globalization,Individuals interact with a multitude of different organizations, and this has significantly complicated the relationship of individuals with each other and with organizations and the interrelationship of organizations with each other.Despite these complexities, everyone wants easy and correct communication with each other; Because they find comfort and tranquility in its light. This article seeks to examine the role of professional ethics in business, the history of business ethics in the world, the principles and foundations of business ethics and the views of thinkers, fair and unfair business practices, ethical guidelines on commercial advertising, consumer rights and ethics In production, globalization and business ethics, social marketing and its relationship with ethics, business ethics, and intellectual property rights, definitions of moral values, fair or just trade, ethical charters, and their codification circumstance business ethics terminology, international organizations active in the field of professional ethics.


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