Vol. 6 No. 1 (2016): Vol 6, Iss 1, Year 2016

Demographic behavior of consumer towards selected brands of toothpaste

Saumendra Das
Asst. Professor, M.B.A Department, Aditya Institute of Technology & Management
Padhy P K
Professor, Department of Business Administration, Berhampur University, Odisha,
Published June 30, 2017
  • Consumer Behavior; Consumer Buying Behavior; Toothpaste Buying; Perceptions; Decision Making Etc.
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Das, S., & P K, P. (2017). Demographic behavior of consumer towards selected brands of toothpaste. Journal of Management and Science, 6(1), 44-55. https://doi.org/10.26524/jms.2016.6


Consumer decision-making process varies with the type of buying decision.There are great differences between buying a toothpaste brand, a tennis racket, a personal computer and a new car. Complex and expensive purchases are likely to involve more buyer deliberation and more participation. Usually evaluating consumer behavior goes afar from advertising and marketing concepts to connect consumers and to understand their behaviors,motivations and sincere needs. Further consumer behavior is individually influenced by physical and social environment where one has to assume his or her perception on product,brand, service, or company. However, they may purchase any products as a result of their moods and ambiance. Most of the time consumer feels secure when the products are satisfying their needs surround to society and environment that one lives and communicates easily with its demographic factors. In this particular study, the main purpose is to understand the demographic behavior of consumer towards selected brands of toothpaste. Here the researcher randomly selected 485 respondents from Berhampur city of Odisha state and adopted descriptive research design. The study provides the association between the buying behaviors of consumers towards selected brands of toothpaste with respect to their demographic factors. Further, the data has been analyzed by one way ANOVAs and results interpreted.


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