Vol. 6 No. 1 (2016): Vol 6, Iss 1, Year 2016

The impact of globalisation on higher education at coimbatore district

Vijayalakshmi V
Assistant Professor, Kovai Kalaimagal college of Kovai Kalaimagal college of Arts and science,Narasipuram(po),Coimbatore-641109, Dr.Vijayalakshmi1970@gmail.com Mobile:9894642253
Srividya M
Research Scholar,Kovai Kalaimagal college of Arts and science,Narasipuram(po), Coimbatore-641109,srividyasusila@gmail.com Mobile:9790545475,8124077443
Published June 30, 2016
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V, V., & M, S. (2016). The impact of globalisation on higher education at coimbatore district. Journal of Management and Science, 6(1), 56-67. https://doi.org/10.26524/jms.2016.7


Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation and this fact is well recognized all over the world. It is imperative for any nation now a days to focus on developing its higher education, since advanced knowledge, advanced facilities only can fulfill man’s advanced needs today. But unlike the primary education, higher education is a financially demanding one for a nation. The economic reforms, initiated since 1991 including Globalization has resulted in the higher demand for the people of India both within and abroad, Since domestic and multinational industries look for more knowledgeable and skilled man power all over the world. The Indian Government initially found it difficult to fully fund from its own the fast growing Indian higher education sector and hence allowed the private players to establish and run higher education institutions. This has led to the establishment of large number of higher education institutions in India over the last two decades. Higher education has seen tremendous growth over the past few years though it does not mean that it is free from problems. The
performance of an educational institution is judged not only on the basis of the quality of education being provided but also on the basis of its contribution to the society. The present study has made an attempt to find whether all these developments have brought about benefits to the students in particular and to the society in general with reference to higher education especially, the impact of globalization on the scenario of higher education. The present study concentrated on areas such as quality of higher education now, problems faced by the students and the service providers, benefits attained by the society and necessary strategies for improving the quality of higher education in the era of globalization, if the present scenario is falling short of being beneficial to one and all concerned.


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